Should Inter Remove De Boer?

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Should Inter Remove De Boer?

It’s been a hard time for De Boer after Inter Milan sacked him 84 days after his appointment. That’s quite a record after he was appointed to replace coach Roberto Mancini.

Inter’s Decision

The news shocked everyone, including media, fans, and even betting platforms such as M88 sport.

Inter finally made its decision after taking another loss. An unexpected loss this one. A 1-0 loss from Sampdoria and also the club’s 14th loss in official games.

If you get only 84 days in a club, there is not much you can do, but even if there’s not much time, at least you should never bring down the team with lack of management skills. This is how things were supposed to be done, but not for de Boer. For 84 days, there is nothing good we heard from Inter, the one club that’s supposed to be one of the greatest. His decision to leave Gabriel Barbosa and Felipe Melo as well as his clash with Geoffrey Kondogbia just ruined everything, leave alone Marcelo Brozovic.

When you get people’s trust, you are supposed to keep and nurture that trust. It’s our job and that’s how things are supposed to be done. Everyone expects for the best, not the worst. But, after everything he’d done, the club can no longer keep this trust. Fans are disappearing. Even bettors believe they’d overlooked Internet and decided to make another choice at bookmakers, such as M88 sport.

While under De Boer, Inter has completely become every worst thing you can expect a great team can be turned into. Even for a team like Inter, this is not something they can change easily. For this reason, the management has trusted Stefano Vecchi, the youth team coach to momentarily manage the team. The team will be facing their Thursday Europe League against Southampton. Everyone wonders, what will happen then once they’re ‘free’ from De Boer.

Many speculated that Inter might likely to replace De Boer with Stefano Piolli, the ex-Lazio coach. If this was true, the team might once again gain their chance to become great. A more energetic and strategic coach is what the team needs right now. In a time like this, the team needs someone special to bring back the whole glory back, not just someone who seeks the title of coach. Stefano Pioli is the man for the job. Once appointed, he will be the 9th coach through Inter Milan’s history. He will join a team where you can never expect things to go easy. There will be always challenges here and there. His first job would be giving the team another title to be proud of. It’s not an easy job. It’s not also an impossible thing to do. When it comes to Inter Milan, everyone expects the best, except under the Boer. The only question is, will the new coach provide the answer for that? Can the team actually become one thing everyone expects them to be?

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